Thruxton Thriller Friday Warm Up

Part 1: Friday afternoon testing.

Billed as the Thruxton Thriller the Classic Sports Car Club brought their entire series of competitions to this Hampshire motor racing circuit over the weekend of 22nd and 23rd April but on the Friday afternoon ahead of the main event drivers had the opportunity to get some practice laps in on Britain’s fastest circuit.

I was pushed for time so only managed to head over for a hour late on Friday afternoon and was instantly greeted by the sight of smoke and fire extinguisher powder rising from a rather warm Thruxton GT-R 1800 parked just of the entry to the chicane.

I stopped here for a while panning cars as they passed by before heading over to the assembly and paddock area to chat with and snap a few of the drivers and teams checking things over on their cars. At this level of motorsport things are still very friendly and owners are usually so enthusiastic about their racing it can be hard to know when to step away and let them carry on with the work at hand.

Having seen just a few of the cars that would be racing over the weekend including a personal favourite of mine, American Mustangs and a couple of Ford Falcons I could not wait to return on Saturday and Sunday for the main races.