A Pair of Red Ford Mustangs

On warm Summer afternoons in England the countryside is dotted with village fetes and classic car shows. It was on one such Sunday, with little else planned, that I headed over to Durrington in Wiltshire for their popular village show and vehicle gathering.

I had set myself a little project aiming to take a more detailed approach to the cars I photographed. After all, at these type of events, you are unlikely to capture a full car shot without a pushchair, deck chair or folding picnic table in the frame.

The second part of the project involved Lightroom, something I use regularly in the development of my images but also a piece of software on which I have limited knowledge. I wanted to learn and try to replicate some of the popular cinematic looks you see in a lot of vintage inspired photography at the moment.

The following set of images are all of a pair of red Ford Mustangs at the Durrington show and were all processed in Lightroom using digital processing techniques learned from various video tutorials found on the internet.