I have always had a strong interest in design and buildings as well as a ‘people watching’ fascination of the World around me. A camera is an essential part of my day to day job which normally involves fairly ordinary pictures of products for my company web site so it was only natural that I would want to expand my horizons and photograph something more interesting.

I tried my hand at nature and landscape photograph and although I was happy with the results the subjects never really excited me. I had frequently visited classic car shows and made regular visits to London and it was while looking back through photographs from these trips that it became clear to me that my passion for architecture, vintage cars and people is reflected in the photographs I take.

Three years ago I was invited to become a member of the GRRC, a Goodwood based members club for motorsports fans, since then I have made regular visits to Goodwood motor racing circuit and to events held in the grounds of the stately home of the same name, it is these events which have further fueled my passion for classic and historic cars. These days the bulk of my photography is based around motor sports events.


For those that like the age old question answered, I shot mainly with a Nikon camera, currently a D7000, although I am not afraid to pull out an iphone for can’t miss that moments or to fall back on an older digital or film camera just to have a change of challenge.

I hope you enjoy what you find here, after all photography is subjective, I am not trying to take please everyone pictures, I take photographs which please me and hopefully capture something of the moment I was in to share with you.