Minimalist Architecture Experiments

It is not often these days that I buy a photography magazine simple for the one reason that I rarely read them once I return home. However earlier this month the cover of Digital Camera caught my eye with an A-Z guide to “Shoot the Night!” As often happens I returned home, read the night photography article, much of which I already knew, when  another much smaller article caught my eye. Make it Minimalist.

Written by a well know London photographer, Nicholas Goodden, his work has been published in top British newspapers, the article discussed a project he undertook to create, and I quote, “a series of colourful architectural squares.”

The idea is to change the hue and saturation of your image to create a retro look to the post-processed image and to constrict the crop to a square format preserving as much cloudless sky as possible to give the whole image a vintage minimalist look. So the last time I was in London I took the opportunity to point the camera at the skyline and see what I could mimic based on the magazine article hints and tips. Below are my own results including an extra image taken at the end of this month of a loudspeaker at a motor racing circuit given the same minimalist treatment.